Here’s some important information that you need to know:

  • If you have friends that want to come tickets will be $25 at the door
  • The checkin location is The Gaslight at 120 Market St, Philadelphia PA 19106. You MUST come to the checkin location prior to heading out to the other bars.
  • Checkin starts at 12pm but you can show up at the checkin location whenever you like between 12pm and 6pm. The barcrawl officially ends at 8pm.
  • After checkin you have the option to visit 9 other bars. You’ll get the full list and a map at registration.
  • You can head out to the other bars with your group of friends whenever you’d like and visit the bars in any order you’d like. Stay at each bar as long as you like!
  • A videographer and photographer will be roaming around throughout the day. Make sure you wear your Green, White and Red and waive to the camera!
  • All bars will have a $2.50 Tecate Beers, $5 Margaritas and $5 Cuervo shot specials.
  • There will be NO Cover as long as you have your official wristband on.